Who we are:

Roots Origin is a Rwandan social enterprise that is passionate about coffee and the farmers who grow it. We also really enjoy making a profit :), but only as returns on respect and integrity. Quality, transparency, traceability and social impact are at the core of who we are. We are committed to producing and sharing coffee with you through supply chains that adhere to our values and we hope, to yours as well.


Intango Washing Station

Tucked in Western Rwanda along Lake Kivu, Intango Washing Station along with approximately 250 small holder farmers produces stellar micro lots. We are also experimenting with Naturals.



Sourcing and Market Facilitation Services

With over 10 years of specialty coffee exporting experience in East Africa, we have built solid respectful relationships with coffee producers and have created a network of access to high quality and diverse coffees that we can offer the specialty market. Our services are fully transparent between the producers and the buyers allowing value to permeate all through the supply chain.

Contact us

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4321 Kigali Rwanda,
Kiyovu, KN 41 Street, Kigali. Rooftop.


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